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Fine art portfolios of color photography, B&W imagery, and specialty techniques by CT photographer Jack McConnell are displayed in more than a dozen Collections on this mostly New England website. Links to four other McConnell websites expand the archives to include thousands of landscapes and scenics in more than 150 Connecticut towns. Also, images of Coastal Maine, and a special collection of New England stone walls. Photos are available for corporate, advertising, editorial, and fine art projects. They can be purchased here at

The five websites display thousands of photos of Hartford, Connecticut, New England, scenics, cities, downtowns, public buildings, historic houses. Also cultural attractions, landscapes, farms, orchards, gardens, tourist destinations, lighthouses and stone walls. The collection includes water features, rivers, lakes, ponds, coastal shoreline, harbors, marinas, state parks and family activities —all taken by Connecticut photographer Jack McConnell.

For 40 years Jack has been “tripping the light fantastic”, shooting annual reports and advertising projects for Fortune 500 companies around the world. This travel has allowed him to expand his photography archive to 250,000 images. His personal photography collections feature mostly New England scenes.

The twelve Collections are ready to hang in galleries, museums, and public spaces. We encourage art buyers, curators, and gallery owners to contact us to schedule an exhibit or to purchase prints for clients. Call Jack McConnell at 860.563.6154 or email us here.
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