‘Round Hartford

‘Round Hartford* Collection
Photography by Jack McConnell

The 28 towns around Hartford share a constellation of mutual goals.
Is a Regional approach the answer to promoting a vibrant Capital community?

For 45 years Photographer Jack McConnell has been capturing images within the 17 square miles of the Capital City. Now he circles Hartford, searching for that one special thing that best identifies what’s unique and memorable in each of the 28 towns surrounding Hartford; that one image that reminds us how mutually dependent we are on the success of one and all.

Using only an extreme wide-angle 8mm fish-eye lens, Jack illustrates special features in these 28 towns, pairing the ‘Round Hartford photos with his Hartford Parallax: City Abstracts and his Hartford Heritage photography.

This is an exciting time for Connecticut, and Jack hopes the Hartford Parallax and ‘Round Hartford series will help skeptics embrace a vibrant new Greater Hartford identity. It’s not the same-old, beige and gray Capital region, but a creative, energetic place to work and play.

Folks living in these 28 suburban towns provide 83% of Hartford’s workforce, attend schools & colleges; enjoy art, music, dance and theatre performances; cheer at sports events; receive healthcare services; enjoy outdoor events at rivers and parks; consume delicious food at a diverse array of restaurants; and shop for clothes, books, and toys.

On Pages 7-8 of the collection, we have included samples showing how you might use the ‘Round Hartford photos in your marketing campaigns, such as billboards, website banners, brochures and ads. Click on the photos to expand to full size.

It’s time to be ALL IN for Hartford!