Panoramic images of New England from Jack McConnell’s collections in a 2:1 and 3:1 proportion: skylines, stone walls, beaches, lighthouses, orchards and many more landscapes and landmarks. Click on each photo to enlarge to full panoramic size. Using a Technarama film camera or stitching together digital files, Jack is able to give you even more than the eye can see. More than 100 photos are displayed here, but thousands more sit in his stock photo library of 250,000 New England scenes. So contact Jack for a lightbox of just the photos you need.

Besides the outdoor landscapes, there are business concepts representing global economics, money, teamwork, diversity, food sustainability, justice, manufacturing, sports & recreation, Americana, patriotism, and many more subjects that are perfect for website banners, outdoor billboards and wrap-around covers for brochures and catalogs. Images can also be combined into collages for murals and outdoor art.

Contact Jack at or 860.563.6154 to get more usage details and ask for a specific lightbox with your particular requirements. There are 250,000 images in his stock photo library, with only 10% represented on the website.