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Tens of thousands of photographs of Connecticut scenes, organized alphabetically town-by-town within the eight counties—Hartford, Middlesex, Tolland, Windham, Litchfield, New Haven, New London and Fairfield county. Images include aerials, skylines, downtowns, public buildings, offices, historic sites, cultural attractions, landmarks, gardens, farms, orchards, coastal, seasonal landscapes, rivers, lakes, beaches, marinas, stone walls, lighthouses, covered bridges, and lots of lifestyle activities. Just click on photo to enlarge.

Contact Jack McConnell at 860.563.6154 or email: to request a special lightbox of specific images. Great way to assemble photos for fine art presentation for corporate, medical, or residential installation.


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This website contains 10 sample portfolios of 12 photos each, representing visual themes throughout the state: Northeast:Tradition, Northwest:Vintage, Southeast:Sea and Stars; Southwest:Discovery; Cultural Abstracts; Landmarks:Architectural Icons; Landscape:Coast & Country; Events:Family Fun; Parks & Waterways; and Seasonal Identity.

These 120 photos give you an idea of Jack’s style and the content of his library. A 4-page text list of the Connecticut Collection can be downloaded as a jpg file. This is organized by county, and by topic such as lists of state parks, forests, rivers, lakes, ponds, historic buildings, cultural attractions, bridges, railroad stations, diners, art museums, etc.

To see ten thousand of these CT photos, click on all organized by county and town. Click to enlarge each photograph.

Since this only represents about 10% of Jack’s stock photo library, contact Jack or Paula at 860.563.6154 or email them at and they’ll put together a custom lightbox of exactly the images you need.


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For the past five years, Jack McConnell has been photographing stone walls throughout New England, particularly in Connecticut where the Laurentide Ice Sheet crashed down from Canada to Long Island Sound 30,000 years ago, leaving a debris field of rocks and gigantic glacial erratics. Recent generations of farmers piled stone upon stone at the edge of their fields providing safe enclosures for their animals and open fields to grow their vegetables and grains.

This website showcases pages of stone wall photographs, as well as a dozen collections of coastal waterways, seasonal images, cityscapes, neighborhoods, portraits, and even images from Europe.

Each collection has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and public spaces and is ready to be shared again as opportunities arise. Click on New Projects to see how clients have used the photographs in their lobbies and hallways, as 80’ wallpaper murals, as bus-wraps, and signage. Contact Jack or Paula to discuss the possibilities at 860.563.6154 or email:


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This website features photographs of a mid-coast Maine island off the coast of Camden in the Penobscot Bay. Islesboro is 13-miles long, situated among the harbors of Rockland, Rockport, Camden, Belfast, Searsport, Castine, Stonington, North Haven and Vinal Haven.

Spending 25 summers on Islesboro, cruising the bay in his 28’ Crosby tugboat, provided Jack many opportunities to capture coastal images. He also made pen and ink drawings, and cartoons to illustrate his ideas. Some of these were turned into holiday cards, which are included in the last collection folder, and are currently for sale in the Art of the Isles Gallery at the Islesboro Community Center or on-line.


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This link takes you to a Lightbox of images from Jack’s 2-year effort to capture street scenes and architectural details from Park Street, Hartford, a two-mile commercial neighborhood through Frog Hollow and Parkville, a few blocks away from the state Capitol. Currently prints from this collection are on exhibit at the Firebox Restaurant and The Kitchen at Billings Forge, after being on display at the Burns School for Hispanic Studies and the ArtWalk gallery at Hartford Public Library.

Jack is looking for other opportunities to share this collection with the Hispanic community.


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This link takes you to a Lightbox of mostly B&W images from Jack’s 10-year effort to capture street scenes and architectural details from Downtown Hartford. Half the photographs are candid portraits such as families leaving the Civic Center after watching a game, teenagers shopping, construction workers making a street repair, elderly women waiting for a bus, etc. It’s a companion collection to Metrospective:Hartford, which contains color abstracts of buildings and statues.

Jack has assembled many collections of work for clients looking for a specific subject for their offices, residences or ad campaigns. Just call Jack or Paula at 860.563.6154 or email them at with your request.