Family Portraits, Executives & Workplace

For 45 years Jack McConnell has photographed couples, families, people at work, and executives in offices for advertising, brochures, websites, and family portraits. You can see many different portrait styles by going to his five websites:

JackMcConnellPhotography.com – click on Collections – stone walls & Farms P7-23

ConnecticutStockPhotography.com – click on family activities

SevenKnotsGallery.com — click on Gallery – Island Portraits

Stonewalljack.com — click on Collections – Sit Down 1, We Two,

A Walk Down Main Street, and Portugal

A Walk Down Park Street – click through street scenes


To discuss B&W and color options and schedule a portrait session call Jack’s Art Rep Paula at 860.563.6154 or email her at jack_mcconnell@msn.com