‘Round Hartford

Hartford Parallax 1-2-3: ‘Round Hartford
Photography by Jack McConnell

Jack extends the Hartford Parallax Collection to include the 28 towns ‘Round Hartford, since they all share a constellation of mutual goals. Is a Regional approach the answer to promoting an exciting, vibrant Capital community?

For 45 years Photographer Jack McConnell has been capturing images within the 17 square miles of the Capital City. Three years ago he challenged himself to see the city with fresh eyes, shooting only with an extreme long 400-550mm lens, an extreme wide 8-15mm lens, and a multi-colored polarizing filter, to create a City Abstracts Collection. The most extreme of these photos shot with an 8mm fish-eye lens takes in a rounded 180 degree view providing visual information from high in the sky to the tips of his shoes, and from his extended left and right fingertips.

After creating a good group of Downtown ‘Rounds, Jack decided to move on to the 28 towns surrounding Hartford, shooting an iconic fish-eye photo in each town to represent their shared interests and goals. He created an extended Newton’s Cradle illustration to convey the scientific principle that forward energetic momentum from one town excites and motivates the next town as it shares and transfers its energy punch, unleashing possibilities that can’t be achieved alone.

This is an exciting time for Connecticut and Jack hopes the Hartford Parallax and ‘Round Hartford Collections will help skeptics embrace a vigorous Greater Hartford identity. It’s not the same-old, beige and gray Capital, but a creative, energetic place to work and play.

On Pages 10-12 of the Collection, Jack has included samples showing how the ‘Round Hartford photos might be used in advertising campaigns, such as billboards, websites, ads, brochures and posters. Starting with the Newton’s Cradle, click on each photo to expand to full size.

It’s time to be ALL IN for Hartford!