Special Techniques

Fine art photography – Special Techniques   At Water’s Edge includes coastal images photographed in B&W, painted with Marshall transparent oils, rephotographed, and printed on watercolor-style fine art paper; Rust and Relics features cars, trucks and motorcycles found in junkyards and marinas; Mystic Seaport Museum behind the scenes; Ordinary Items – Kitchen is a collection of kitchen utensils using a light-painting technique; Ordinary items – Carpentry showcases early American tools; and Polaroid Image Transfers were created from images from Boca Grande, FL using Polaroid film and painted with pastels and oils.

Shooting first on black and white film, Jack painted his prints with Marshall oils in the tradition of turn-of-the-century artist Wallace Nutting, but with more gusto and energy. Instead of pastel tints and watery washes, McConnell mingles translucent and opaque techniques with a quirky color intuition and gritty textural manipulation done with sable-tipped brushes and hand-rolled cotton swabs. By using painterly finishes like stippling, smudging, and layering of color, he straddles the line between paint and emulsion, playing with a print’s tactile surface and asking the question, “Is it a painting or is it a photograph?”

McConnell brings his mastery of the medium, learned in 45 years as a corporate/advertising photographer traveling the world for Fortune 500 companies. To see more work, check his additional websites: StonewallJack.com and ConnecticutStockPhotography.com.